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An expert team of mental health providers focused on bringing client-focused care to underserved individuals primarily in South Dakota and Minnesota, focused on finding innovative ways to improve lives.
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In-Home Telehealth

Our in-home telepsychiatry appointments make it easy for busy professionals, people located in rural areas, or are housebound for any reason. We have mental health providers with immediate openings for new patients in South Dakota and Minnesota, with North Dakota being added soon.


Opioid Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a treatable, chronic medical disease involving interactions among genetics, the environment, brain circuitry, and life experiences. With medication-assisted opioid addiction treatment, our Buprenorphine-Certified staff provides customized treatment plans aided by Suboxone. If you or someone you love may be addicted, contact us today.

Expert Forensic, Competency, and Independent Psychiatric Evaluations

Dr. Clay J. Pavlis offers unbiased, knowledgeable, and professional evaluations for civil matters and court-ordered forensic psychiatric and competency evaluations, and is experienced in providing independent psychiatric evaluations for Veteran's Affairs (VA) services. Dr. Pavlis is known for his acute understanding of the legal process and for providing unbiased, knowledgeable, and professional evaluations.


Contracted Mental Health with a Team Approach

We specialize in contracting with correctional facilities, hospitals, and clinics in the region. By providing in-house support and telehealth services, we bring expert care to an expansive area to include economically and geographically underserved populations. Widely respected as leaders in mental health services, our qualified professionals provide care with an unmatched team approach, assuring that any size organization gets the mental health support they need. Contact us today for a free quote and customized solutions for mental health care.

MWI's Mission Statement

We are dedicated to the wellness of individuals by focusing on mental health needs and finding innovative ways to improve the lives of our patients.

We are not your average mental health clinic. MWI is a team of independently practicing mental health and medical professionals who are innovative thinkers, client-focused, and dedicated to expert mental health care. We believe that each and every client deserves a personalized approach and must be met in their current circumstance with understanding and compassion.

Serving as a Life Line with Quick and Easy Access to In-Home Mental Health Care to Patients in South Dakota or Minnesota

Our in-home telepsychiatry appointments make it easy for busy professionals, people located in rural areas, or are housebound for any reason. We have mental health providers with immediate openings for new patients in South Dakota or Minnesota, with other states being considered upon request. With a psychiatrist and mental health nurse practitioners providing comprehensive psychiatric care for all ages from children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric, patients have access to a number of different providers listing availability. We specialize in chemical dependency treatment, depression, gene testing, ADHD, anxiety, panic, mood disorders, bipolar, OCD, agoraphobia, insomnia, sleep disorders, and PTSD.

Especially during this scary time of COVID-19 concerns, financial worries, and social isolation, our providers are here to provide a life line to new clients. We take your mental health seriously and are here to get you back on the path to a better life.

Offering hope for people addicted to opioids with our Suboxone Clinic in Flandreau, SD


Our supportive care team of specially-trained Suboxone treatment providers offer solutions for opioid addiction in our clinic, specially located only 45 minutes north of the rapidly growing city of Sioux Falls in rural Flandreau, South Dakota. Our providers have given addicts new hope through established treatment plans amidst a national opioid crisis, offering in-person and telehealth care to individuals caught in the cycle of pain killer dependence. Our Buprenorphine Certified staff is currently welcoming new patients that are dedicated to getting on the path to recovery. Call now to start on the path to success, 605-573-2000.


Our exceptional psychiatrist, Dr. Clay Pavlis, is experienced in providing independent psychiatric evaluations for Veteran’s Affairs (VA) services, as well as court-ordered forensic psychiatric evaluations for legal professionals, striving to offer an unbiased, knowledgeable, and professional evaluation every time.  We schedule quickly and provide reports in a timely manner. Contact us at 605-573-2000 to schedule an evaluation or for more information, or email us at


Clay Pavlis, M.D., Psychiatrist

MWI's Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Clay Pavlis, earned his BS in Biology after graduation Summa Com Laude from South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD. He attended Medical School at the University of Minnesota – Duluth and the University of South Dakota School of Medicine, becoming board-certified in Adult Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. 

Dr. Pavlis’s vision for providing personalized care for residents of rural South Dakota and Minnesota, along with the goal of leading a team of providers that are focused on excellence, was the catalyst for establishing Midwest Wellness Institute in 2012. As MWI’s chief psychiatrist and medical officer, Dr. Pavlis’s leadership is vital to our growing team of providers. In addition to specializing in conducting forensic evaluations, independent psychiatric evaluations, VA services, medication management, addiction medicine, neuromodulation, and psychopharmacologenomics, Dr. Pavlis regularly sees patients at Western Mental Health Center in Marshall, MN, Human Service Agency in Watertown, SD, Murray County Medical Center in Slayton, MN, SD Women’s Prison in Pierre, SD, Community Counseling Services in Madison, SD and Bethel Nursing Home in Madison, SD, as well as providing VA psychiatric evaluations and forensic psychiatry services.

Clay Pavlis, M.D., Psychiatrist, Chief Medical Officer


We bring expert psychiatric care to the underserved through a network of providers and telehealth. Widely respected as the regional leaders in mental health services, our qualified professionals provide care in economically and geographically underserved populations. We specialize in contracting with correctional facilities, hospitals and clinics in the region. By providing in-house support and telehealth services, we care for individuals who might otherwise go untreated. We are able to provide contracted psychiatric services to an expansive region because of our network of trusted mental health providers in South Dakota and Minnesota. We may be able to extend support to other states upon request, so contact us today if your facility or organization has unmet mental health needs. Kyle Korver at can assist your organization with evaluating your needs and offering solutions for provider care.


Lt Col Kyle Korver, USAF, Ret.

MWI's Chief Executive Officer

Lt Col Kyle Korver, USAF, Ret., Chief Executive Officer


Retiring from active-duty Air Force service in Dec. 2018, Kyle has excelled in business management, organizational transformation, leadership development, and financial growth for MWI ever since.

Kyle got his undergraduate degree from SDSU in Brookings, SD in 1997,  and was commissioned as an officer through AFROTC, earning his MBA from University of LaVerne while serving. During his 21 years of military service, he was a Flight Commander at both Altus AFB, OK, and Elmendorf AFB, AK, was a Commandant of Cadets and ROTC Instructor at UND, served as the U.S. Transportation Command Liaison Officer to NATO at SHAPE, Belgium, deployed as the Director of Operations, Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron in Qatar, was chosen as the 22 LRS Squadron Commander at McConnell AFB, KS, followed on as the 721 APS Commander at Ramstein AB, Germany, then served as Deputy Commander of the 86 MSG, as well as was deployed to Niger, Africa as the Installation Commander of Air Base 101.

In need of organizational mental health support services? Contact Kyle at to learn more about our areas of psychiatric expertise and how we can best serve your organization.


Expand mental health services

Be responsive to opportunities

Build partnerships with regional organizations

Improve psychiatric services in under-served areas

MWI is built on partnerships, with a solid team of providers who join with us to see patients full-time or part-time, depending on their schedule.

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