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Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5 pm, and phone hours are 8:30am – 4:30pm. We are closed on major holidays. Give us a call to schedule or inquire about the services we offer.

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Our Services

  • Expert Forensic Psychiatry & Competency Evaluations

    Learn more about why Clay Pavlis, M.D. is one of the top forensic psychiatrists in South Dakota.

  • Independent Psychiatric and Veteran's Evals

    Leading a team of qualified and trained providers, Dr. Pavlis supports our nation's Veterans with thorough psychiatric evaluations and records reviews, working with QTC, Optum Serve (LHI), VES, and Ree Medical.

  • Psychiatric Evaluations, Medication Management, Telepsychiatry and Psychotherapy Counseling

    At MWI Health you are able to be part of the solution. We help to get you on the best path for you to achieve a better life of mental wellness.

  • Spravato® Treatment

    Spravato® is a newly FDA approved treatment for difficult to treat depression.

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment of Opioid Addiction

    At MWI Health, we strive to offer hope to people addicted to opioids, giving them their lives back as we guide them on the path to recovery. Our team of providers have given addicts new hope through established treatments plans amidst a national opioid crisis. Through in-person and telehealth care specifically developed to assist individuals caught in the cycle of pain killer dependence, we work closely with our patients to help them deal with pain and addiction in every aspect of their lives.

  • NeuroStar® TMS Therapy

    NeuroStar Advanced Therapy targets key areas of the brain that are underactive in people with depression by using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

  • Youth Services Grievance

    Submit A Quality of Care Complaint here to be evaluated by the Youth Services Grievance Evaluation

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