Insurance? Or cash pay?

Either way, we have options for you.

Have insurance? We accept many major insurance plans.

Dr Pavlis and MWI Health participates with many insurance payers, but specific eligibility needs to be confirmed on individual patient and plan basis. Some of the national payers we work with are Avera of SD, Blue Cross Blue Shield of SD and MN, Cigna of SD and MN, Magellan, Medicare (Noridian), Optum/United Healthcare of SD and MN, Sanford Health Plan of SD, Tricare, and UCare of SD and MN, with Aetna and Dakota Care coming soon. We do not accept Medicaid plans.

New patient? Please send us your insurance information within 48 hours of scheduling your appointment.

Prefer to cash pay? We offer competitive rates.

Developing our business model around cash pay only means that we are able to pass along budget-friendly healthcare costs to our patients with complete transparency and no hidden fees. At MWI Health, we do our best to help you understand the services that you can expect to receive, and because we are a small company we are here to answer your questions whenever you need.

By cutting out the middleman of insurance companies, you as the patient are armed with the information of what you’re paying for, how much it costs, and why it’s necessary. Patients are still able to file claims with their insurance companies if they choose to, and since we have fully accredited healthcare providers, these claims would simply be applied to out-of-network deductibles. Patients are also welcome to use their HSA accounts, providing patients access to tax-free funds dedicated to healthcare services.

Since eliminating insurance billing and associated difficulties with getting paid, our small team of providers is now able to focus on the most important thing — the wellness of individuals and improving their lives through better mental health. Patients are now able to take center stage, rather than insurance companies, and we are happy to partner with our patients who are better equipped to make choices in quality mental health treatment.

Need financial assistance? Try Advance Care Card.

Questions? Give us a call at 605-573-2000 or email us We're here to help!

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