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Our Contract Partners

Without our contract partners, we wouldn’t be able to reach all of the diverse populations that we do. Because of our contract partners, we are able to provide mental health services to inmates in correctional facilities, patients referred by physicians in regional clinics, low-income patients in non-profit clinics, geriatric patients in nursing homes, and children through adults seeking mental health support.

Benefits to Choosing MWI's Team Approach instead of Hiring a Provider


Immediate Scheduling

Because we are a growth-minded organization, we focus on having enough mental health providers to have flexibility to give nearly every new contract timely service. Utilizing both independent contractors and employees, we are able to get your patients the care that they need quickly and professionally.

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Individualized Care

Whether your organization needs a mental health provider one day a month or every day of the week, we can provide contract options to suite your budget and care needs. Our staff members are experienced and determined to work through challenges to come up with solutions that best serve your organization's needs.


Expand Capabilities, Save Resources

With MWI's full support staff, utilizing our contracted providers will save your organization valuable time, resources, and the expense of recruiting, hiring, and training a new provider. We also bring the expertise of increasing capabilities of care through telehealth, using provider time more effectively and supplementing shortages at busy facilities.


Diverse Team of Professionals

With our team approach at providing mental health care, we credential more than one provider at each location. By training a diverse team with a variety of credentials and experience, your organization has more options to offer clients a high quality mental health service, and an organization is assured that they have more opportunity to have a back-up provider in emergencies.

Meet Some of our Valued Contract Partners:

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